Across industries, applications and substrates, 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes offer a wide range of bonding products that make it easy to solve your real-world assembly challenges. 

Panel-to-Frame / Stiffener-to-Panel

For the transport, metal and construction industries, 3M bonding solutions provide dead load holding strength, flexibility for dynamic loads and thermal expansion mismatch, gap filling from end to end and water seal.

Small Joint Assembly

For the sporting goods manufacturing, electronics, furniture, mechanical and electrical industries, 3M assembly solutions provide low viscosity for tight-fitting parts, vibration resistance, very high strength and bonding for dissimilar materials.

Large Surface Lamination

For the construction and manufacturing industries, 3M adhesives and tapes provide full surface coverage and flexibility when dry. They allow for the positioning of parts and fast bonding with little to no fixturing.

Mounting and Trim Attachment

For the transport, manufacturing and construction industries, 3M bonding materials provide dead load holding strength and durability. They allow for aesthetically pleasing design, removability with fast bonding and little to no fixturing.

Gasket Attachment

For the electronics, transport, manufacturing and fluid-handling equipment industries, 3M adhesive solutions are fast and easy to apply. They resist fluids, and they have high adhesion to foam and rubber.

Sealing/Potting and Encapsulating

For the transport, manufacturing, metal and construction industries, 3M bonding materials are highly elongating, flexible and durable, plus they offer a fast cure for painting.